Sunday, November 16, 2008

Add this to my list of "top 10 romantic ideals of all time"

It's funny how one song can revive such a specific set of emotions. The opening chords of "Like A Hurricane" by Neil Young doesn't bring me back to a particular time, but rather a stream of emotions and desires that will always resurface whenever I hear it. His archetypal loner-cowboy/hopeless romantic persona is best showed through this particular song, I think. Bringing people (or maybe just me) to a point in life that they didn't necessarily physically experience, but can relate to emotionally; that agonizing feeling of searching for something that's almost impossible to find, and even harder to posses. This one particular song made me fall in love with Neil Young and the whole southwest hippy lowlife image that he portrays for himself. It takes me directly to 1974 California, a revolutionary time for music that I wish more than anything I could have been a part of. Keep on truckin' Neil, I love you forever.

Enjoy. xx

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All I want

Is a guy like John Cusack in "High Fidelity". Someone who's entire apartment is filled wall-to-wall with amazing records and wreaks of stale cigarettes. A sarcastic elitist asshole who makes top 5 lists for everything and will never admit that he loves me. WHERE ARE YOU? I need someone to make me an emotional cripple with one short lived but life-changing whirlwind romance.