Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleazy Listening

So, shocker, I'm sick again and this time with some mysterious chest cold/half-assed sore throat. I also have a temperature of 96.5? Is that normal? Probably not. I've been spending the day at home drifting in and out of sick sleep, drinking my weight in tea, and fixing myself a musical cocktail with some of my happy/sad/mellow FAVES that are like the song equivalent of EMERGEN-C packets: just a rush of instant good vibes. Here we go:

♪MP3:Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying Belle & Sebastian
♪MP3:Beanbag Chair Yo La Tengo
♪MP3:There Goes The Fear Doves
♪MP3:59th Street Bridge Song [Feelin' Groovy] Simon & Garfunkel

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

With that, I will resume my rightful place on my deathbed. Please send flowers, movies, and drugs. Or just well wishes to feel good enough to go out tonight.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


"This gem scooped me up at the local bookstore, wooing me with his nerdy charm. We ended up dating for 8 months, during which he would routinely try to convince me to dye my hair red, wear more eyeliner, and tape me going down on his girl friends. When I thought I was pregnant, he told me he couldn’t help pay for an abortion because he had to buy a new web cam for art schoo, a good 7 months away. When I finally dumped him, he cried and locked me in his basement. I ended up crawling out the window, walking home and never speaking to him again. I later heard he dropped out of his beloved art school after 3 weeks and still lives in his parents basement, reeking of white castle."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

what summer should have been like

Yesterday was spent around Brooklyn galavanting with catherine in the beautiful weather. I always feel like such a tourist whenever I bring a camera out, but I've grown up here my whole life and New York still fucking enchants me.

ALSO tio loco, these iz for you: