Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I finally have internet .. I can actually check my email without sitting in the stairwell and praying that my neighbors don't open the door to see my flannel-clad ass lurking in the dark. Other than that, nothing and everything is new. I feel weird, happy but depressed? Or maybe it's vise-versa. Or maybe it's just this shiteous weather we've been having. Anyway, add those weird feelings to the fact that I don't have heat on any given night, and there's the answer to why I haven't had a full nights sleep in four days. I kind of feel high all the time now due to extreme exhaustion, but whatever. Last week was fucking awesome though. Some friends from Austin came to visit and we did a bunch of really awesome stuff. I went to some galleries in Chelsea and became obsessed with this:

Other new or renewed obsessions include: chai lattes, Dirty Dancing, and making care packages (which I've been planning out for someone really awesome and cute for his upcoming birthday)

In other OTHER news, Catherine and I are planning to visit Austin in April (ETA: 4/20...fingers crossed) and I've never been so I'm pretty stoked. I'll update more if anything major happens to me. Or once I stop feeling weird.


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