Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good morning, Brooklyn.
Last night ended up being pretty awesome, despite the wardrobe-related bitch fit. Alex, Sarina, Catherine, Amanda and I wound up going to some loft party on Havemeyer and met some great people. I forgot how much I loved house parties vs. going to bars. Weirdly enough, we ended up seeing 4 completely different sets of friends, none who knew each other, who all happened across the same party. It was good vibes all around and after meeting 2 new total girlfriends from Canada, we headed over for a throwback night at Annex to see Dimitry (for his bday!) and Marlon. Dancing + speed + Pat Benetar is never a disappointing combination. We got home around 5 just in time to see the sun come up and passed the fuck out because we had to be up early for today's Mother's Day brunch con la mia famiglia. Which reminds me, Happy Mother's Day to all you hot momma's out there! In honor of today, I'm going to shamelessly promote my very dear friend, Victoria, and her new band "Mama Bear". Below are some new tracks to listen to/download/fall in love with, they damn near made me shed a "proud mom" tear when I first heard them. Enjoy! xx

♪MP3: You Look Good Wearing My Future - Mama Bear
♪MP3: You Make Me Feel Like Hips - Mama Bear

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