Thursday, January 8, 2009

The times they are a changin'

So on my day off from work today I sit in the middle of my room with every single article of clothing I've ever owned going through them and putting them in huge garbage bags labeled "donate", "throw out", "need but don't bring", and "LAUNDRY!!!!!!". I've been here for three hours and not even adderall can help me through this insurmountable task... sweet god, next time I complain about not having anything to wear I give everyone full permission to slap the shit out of me. 
As daunting as this whole thing is, once I do it I get way into it. It's the same instant gratification I get from vacuuming and dusting. Out with the old and in with the new ... too bad I'm sneezing non-stop from relinquishing 20 years of hidden dust. If all goes according to plan, by the last week of January or February 1st (whichever the landlord agrees to) we will be in our beautiful little 2 bedroom apartment on Manhattan avenue. Say what you will, but my sister and I have loved Williamsburg since we stepped foot in it, back when apartments on Bedford were affordable for unemployed kids who were fresh out of college. Thank god for the recession, right? naywayz, I will be updating all of the apartment progress but needless to say my sister and I are ecstatic right now. It's right in the heart of everything, literally walking distance from all of our usual hang out spots. Plus Jeff lives about five blocks away so naturally that means I'll be seeing him 24/sev. 

And thanks to my good friend SPEED, my mind is making clear, concise decisions and I'm making power plays to clean, organize, and pack my entire life up in 8 oversized American Apparel boxes. I'm making lists and everything, TRY AND FUCKING STOP ME!

2009 is looking good already.

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