Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleazy Listening

So, shocker, I'm sick again and this time with some mysterious chest cold/half-assed sore throat. I also have a temperature of 96.5? Is that normal? Probably not. I've been spending the day at home drifting in and out of sick sleep, drinking my weight in tea, and fixing myself a musical cocktail with some of my happy/sad/mellow FAVES that are like the song equivalent of EMERGEN-C packets: just a rush of instant good vibes. Here we go:

♪MP3:Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying Belle & Sebastian
♪MP3:Beanbag Chair Yo La Tengo
♪MP3:There Goes The Fear Doves
♪MP3:59th Street Bridge Song [Feelin' Groovy] Simon & Garfunkel

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

With that, I will resume my rightful place on my deathbed. Please send flowers, movies, and drugs. Or just well wishes to feel good enough to go out tonight.

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